Web City Girls – Best Latin@ Micro-Blogger 2013


When it comes to tidbit information and up-to-the-minute updates, we congratulate Web City Girls as 2013’s Best Latin@ Micro-Blogger!


Founder Lynn Ponder and her fellow social media specialist Linda Ponder have collaborated to create the wealth of information that readers find on WebCityGirls//. They aren’t just a Micro-Blog either. Web City Girls has redefined celebrity and entertainment blogging through interactive original content and new social media strategies that are as fun for their clients as they are for us as readers!

We live in a world where 140 characters or less is all you have to get a message across. Needless to say, it takes some incredible innovative talents to bring new ideas to existing social media platforms, innovative talents that WebCityGirls// have!


Though they mostly focus on entertainment, they also feature sections on fashion and beauty, moms, social living, travel, and even have a monthly calendar of “Cosas Cool” activities.

Other creations of theirs include #TweelebrityParty, #TwitterHellos, #VineHellos, and #InstagramHellos which are ultimately forms of organic brand integration. In other words, they keep the fun in the coverage and close the gap between the celebrity world and the world of the every day curious internet browser.

They easily accomplish their own mission: “to Educate, Inspire, Empower, Entertain.”

Check out their YouTube Channel to see special interviews from the Latin Grammys, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see what they’re up to today!


Lynn Ponder, or @Ponderful, (pictured at left above) was recently named a Latina Twitter Powerhouse by the Huffington Post as well as Top Entertainment Blogger by People en Español. She has experience with multinational brands and previously owned a successful Production Company in Miami and Mexico. she is a major influencer in South Florida where WebCityGirls// is based.

Linda Ponder, or @Ponderela, (pictured at right above) is the Community Relations Coordinator at WebCityGirls// and consistently employs her entrepreneurial background in her daily efforts to grow the brand as the Sponsorship Coordinator as well!

Congratulations to Web City Girls, 2013’s Best Micro-Blog from all of us at LATISM!




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