We Love Amazon, But We Love Going to the Store Matters Most

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Nothing beats going to the store,says  new study done on retail sales.

Forrester research surveyed 4,5000 Americans online and found that almost in every category other than travel, shoppers said visiting the store served as the mot important source of research before buying.  Research sales indicate that e- commerce is 5% of the country’s retail sales.  60% of respondents said they visited a manufacturer’s website while researching a product.

Analysts Cory Munchbach and Gina Sverdlov state “It’s also interesting that consumers don’t consider use of a search engine as a particularly influential source of information for their ultimate purchase decision”.  This information has troubled Amazon Arch rivals.

Amazon Views in store shopping as a threat.  As consumers what do you think could promote online shopping for you? For me it can be less shipping and Handling expenses.

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