We are all educators

Our lives have become interconnected. Technology, particularly social media, has allowed us to experience universal change almost instantly. We have the opportunity to reflect, react, and provide feedback on any issue in matter of minutes – if not seconds. As an educator for the last nine years, I find this “feedback loop” a vital part of learning. It’s why social media is, and will continue to be, an important educational tool, especially for Latinos.

As learners, Latinos turn to those they trust for information. We turn to those with whom we’ve developed strong relationships and shared experiences. It’s this trusted educational network that provides us an opportunity to explore new ideas, broaden our perspectives, and enhance our knowledge. During my years of teaching, I’ve noted that Latinos always tend to balance their “book-based education” with experiences from their own livelihood. This is why I think Latino culture has always played an important role in learning and education: it allows us to understand our environment, society, and especially who we are.

Latinos have a natural curiosity and love of learning. By enhancing our education through social media, we have an opportunity to open new doors of collaboration, participation, and engagement. One by which we can inspire and accelerate our natural desire to share what we know with other members of the Latino community. Social media is fundamentally an extension of the Latino cultural tendency to connect, collaborate, and create.

However, along with this new technological resource comes responsibility. Let’s not forget that we are all educators. While we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, Latinos share an individual and collective responsibility to ensure the educational success of our community.



  1. blanca@blancastella.com'
    blancastella 5 years ago

    Miguel, I like what you say about educating. Essentially educating is sharing knowledge. Social media empowers many people by learning about a niche, topic, issue quickly. Information is power…knowledge is power and by each individual sharing their knowledge in particular niches, we are all better off.
    I would have never learned so much had it not been for Social Media.

    And personally, as a native Miamian, I kind of lived in a bubble of a lot of the Latino issues. My world has expanded and opened up to understanding the perspectives of many Latinos across the country. It has made my life richer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ana@prek12plaza.com'
    AnaRC 5 years ago

    Great post Miguel. You are right on. We are all educators and with the technological resources comes responsibilities. I can tell that you are embracing this responsibility as an educator by sharing so much knowledge.

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