Wal-Mart Uses Kids to Select Xmas Toys


Retailing juggernaut Wal-Mart has taken a very interesting and possibly smart approach to the holiday shopping season. They invited 1,000 boys and girls from 18 months to 10 years to come and spend a  three-day weekend in August playing with 50 toys and choosing their favorites. From their choices, store officials will take the top 20 picks and stock and promote them heavily for the big holiday buying season.

While it’s rather early to tell what the actual must-have toys of the year will be, Wal-Mart is betting that their in-house survey crew will have picked them. Winners included a new robotic Furby, an Elmo doll, a Barbie dream house and some other  stuffed animals and TV character-related toys. “It validated our assortment and caused us to think differently about this holiday,” said Scott McCall, senior vice president of toys and seasonal at Walmart U.S.

If this approach works and Wal-Mart does turn out to be in front and ready when the holiday buying season really kicks into gear, you can bet other retailers will follow suit with similar kid-based testing programs. The funny thing is, this seems like such a logical approach, I seriously wonder why nobody has done it before.

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