Wake-up call: Starbucks to post calorie counts


starbucksStarbucks is now posting calorie counts on their drinks, but will this stop people from buying Starbucks coffee or will this simply be ignored.

Why is this chain company posting their calories on the menus?

The move by Starbucks comes as the Food and Drug Administration irons out the details of a regulation that would require companies with more than 20 locations to post calorie information on their menus.  Other chains including McDonald’s Corp. have also moved ahead with posting the information, saying they’re providing it to be more transparent rather than because they’re being forced to.

Starbucks seems to be trying to cater to their customers by providing nutrition information on the website, through its iPhone app and with printed brochures in cafes.  It also says there are numerous ways people can reduce the calories in their drinks, such as by asking for non-fat milk, sugar-free syrup or no whipped cream.

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