Using Vine and Instagram to Lift Your Business 


By Chloe Baker

Businesses love to capitalize on the next big thing. A few years ago, marketers and brands were moving to Twitter and Facebook to capture online audiences. The audiences are still there, but they are maturing, luring in older adult demographics. Today, if you’re a marketer looking to reach teens and young millenials, you might want to look at video offshoots Vine and Instagram.

Acquired by Facebook in fall 2012, Instagram has far more users (about 130 million in Aug 2013) compared to Vine. Given that the service launched in 2010, this is not much of a surprise. But having the dual benefit of letting users post photos and videos from its platform is a bonus.

Meanwhile, Vine continues to grow the number of users on its short-form video service. Twitter bought Vine earlier in 2013 and made its app available to iOS users right way. But it was the launch of Vine on the Android mobile platform in summer 2013 that helped it to gain far more followers. Today, Vine counts more than 40 million followers and growing.

Latino Presence on Vine

Latino businesses have jumped on board the two platforms as well. Univision used Vine to give followers an exclusive field-level view at halftime of a soccer match.

Univision Deportes and other Latino sports channels use Vine to share the latest news about popular sports like soccer, boxing, and Cup level game matches for its fans.

How can using these short-form videos fit into your existing PR, marketing and (gasp) even advertising strategies? Will they help you to reach young Latinos online? Have a look at Vinebox which is aggregating Vines according to tags used – this example shows Vines linked by #latinos.

Short-form Video Tips

Small businesses must think out of the box for using these videos effectively. Have fun with them, bring a new dimension to the brand. Use Vine and Instagram short-form videos to try the following:

– show people behind the scenes at your company

– deliver a quick clip about service benefits

– use Vine for a 6-second sneak peek at product packaging

– use Instagram for a longer (15-sec) video of a product demo

– use Vine to increase humor related to your brand

– highlight restaurant and bar menu changes

– promote your business’s work successes

– develop enriching brand focus with short-form video

With a little brainstorming, your team could probably figure out dozens of ways to use these videos to promote and market your business.

Marketing to Teens

If your company is trying to reach teenagers (13-20 yrs. old), noted Internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says that your marketing efforts should be focused on three main social networks – Vine, Instagram and Snapchat (text service). He says to forget about Facebook and Twitter for the younger set. The demographics are different. Stick with Vine and Instagram for effective story telling for your brand, using the right amount of creativity and timing to attract teens.

Your online marketing can grow quickly and efficiently when you figure out the right mix of shooting these short-form video clips in connection with a personable and friendly content style. These video services will get more popular, especially as we head into the fall TV season of futbol (and football!), holidays and new events. Even for those out of city centers, you can stay in the Vine and Instagram loop by taking part online using a dedicated satellite Web service via or a similar provider. And looking ahead to 2014, the opportunities for consumer engagement with short-form videos is expected to become much stronger.

Chloe Baker is an avid sports fan and sports marketing guru. She started her own company in 2009, and business has been picking up ever since.

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