Upstate lawmaker blocks sex education bill

ed sex

ed sex
Sex education in schools across the country should not be ignored.  Students spend a significant amount of time at school and if they receive all the facts in schools about sex education there is a possibility of reducing teenage pregnancy and transmission of STDs.

A state senator blocked a bill on Wednesday that would have required South Carolina schools to teach medically accurate information in sex education and inform parents what is being taught.

It also sought to force school districts to comply with the 1988 law of emphasizing abstinence and teaching contraception by filing reports with the Department of Education and informing parents on what is being taught in classrooms.

There is major discussion around this issue because under the current law there is no need to include a mandate to ensure the teaching of accurate information.  Students should know all of the correct statistics when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.  Accurate information can give theme a better understanding of sex education.

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