Twitter Party Recap – Social Good in Social Media- 3/25/2010

#Latism is honored and blessed to share our social media space with people who believe and make it their life goal to manifest a central, single idea: that we are put in this world to make it a better place.

And what better way to celebrate these generous souls than through a Social Media fiesta!

As part of our month-long celebration of Women, our latest Twitter party honored Latinas who either work, volunteer or use social media for Social Good.

These are just part of the Latinos and Latinas who make up our #Latism community: an inspiring display of almas bondadosas: Volunteers, environmental activists, proponents of micro-lending, immigration advocates, champions of education and campaigners for the rights of transgendered women, to name a few…

We had such a great attendance and responses -even from Latino men, I must add! – that we decided to curate and post the comments for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend.

Below you’ll find a curated list of the answers to some of the questions posed during the party. We hope that by posting their answers here, we all learn, grow, get inspired. If you are on Twitter, you’d do well to follow these amazing tweeps – they have a world of wisdom to share!

And if you’ve been thinking of giving back, think no further: It takes so very little to so very much!

Thanks to all who participated and to the rest, enjoy!


@ergeekgoddess: Let’s get the conversation started. We want to hear your experience helping others thru social media.

@anarust: I am one of the thousands of souls trying to make the world a better place!

@PhillyTeAma: There are a lot of Latina leaders in Philadelphia! Everything from city councilwoman, executive directors, PR professionals y mas

@deannecuellar: Working in the nonprofit sector and helping nonprofits

@drapetomaniac: I work for and with several. I’ll be asking for films and videos for inclusion in a festival soon as well.

@Raul_Ramos: Helping a great non-profit organization create a new identity and website

@anarust: I have a great business that combines e-commerce and the enviroment!! I do my part to help our planet

@PhillyTeAma: There are a lot of Latina leaders in Philadelphia! frm city councilwoman, executive directors, PR profs

@minsd: I’m an environmental justice activist – work with underrepresented communities, love the ocean!

@nueva_voz: Alternative energy researcher, metalworker, building my family’s home, passionate for transgender women’s rights.

@minsd: Awesome Enviroettes: @anarust @soniasonrisas

@DreamAct:  we are undocumented youth using new media to win the fight for the #dreamact. Formed 2 years ago. Now a movement.

@RDarioBermejo: I think I’m going to nominate @monicaeche who does human rights work and conflict resolution in Colombia

@kflanagan: check out if you need to find web hosting and more for NC based non profits, a good org

@PhillyTeAma: A lot of non-profits in Philly have a Latina executive director. There are a few exceptions

@mercypadilla: I produce a national immigration call-in show in Spanish for 7 years on. Bienvenidos a America Th 2pm et 80 radios US Once a month Video Chat w/ attorney Jay Marks

@ergeekgoddess: I want to give a shout out to my fellow #latism board and local directors who volunteer so we can have this forum for all

@CatalinaInLA:  5yrs PTA, 2yrs School Site Council, 13yrs Cub Scouts, 3yrs Boy Scouts. I did a lot.

@ergeekgoddess: What is your advice for someone looking to do good thru Social media? #latism

@julito77: Take a moment tonight to find out what 1 person’s working on. Learn more from others+ don’t just speak about yourself

@navaja1cortes: be sure to be conversation friendly! Don’t just sell a product to your audience

@TM_Washington:  Be Honest,Question Everything

@minsd: Listen, engage, have information + action items ready!

@anarust: social media can grow you business and/or your cause tremendously if you use it wisely. It can be your best or you worst friend

@meningioma: My advice: be sincere, LISTEN and do what you do w/integrity

@marydpadilla: Many nonprofits need volunteers to show them how to utilize social media for their work

@ergeekgoddess: My advice to those who want to use their power to help others: Feel–>share–> DO!

@Qworky: find much of #socialmedia comes down 2 authenticity. If straight forward, even bad mistakes can be mitigated

@KetyE: Yes but they need 2also pay RT @marydpadilla: nonprofits need volunteers 2show them how 2utilize soc media 4their work

@Qworky:  yep, fronts easy 2 see. Why transparncy so imprtnt, othrwise, #socialmedia sales can seem like latenight infomercials

@LaLicenciada: (Helping others) my experience has been: 1)help out of the goodness of your heart 2)expect nothing in return

@LaLicenciada: (Helping others) only caveat -don’t be deterred if 1 person abuses of your help. That’s just one person so take it w/grain of salt

@ergeekgoddess: What have been your most satisfying results from doing social good? #latism

@monitalan: helping empower our community

@mercypadilla: To do good makes no profit but its a benefit to the heart

@meningioma: Everyday that we are sharing resources, ideas and connecting with each other to help those who need it is the best!

@minsd: Most satisfying use of social media for non-profit cause: helping give people – who otherwise would not have it – a voice

@anarust: Success is when we go to bed at night, take a deep breath and tell ourselves: I did the best I could today!!

@meningioma: In past 6 months, have helped Haiti/Chile by raising money #Latism Twitter party-using social media for social good!

@mercypadilla: Everytime someone gets the green card or citizenship. That is a real satisfaction.

@RDarioBermejo:  the Haiti fundraiser that did I thought was a great example of TWEET POWER

@ergeekgoddess: What is the one cause that inspires you? #latism

@minsd: Social justice, hands down

@nueva_voz: Uplifting mis hermanas transgeneras, and working for a safer brighter future for us all

@destigarribia: Human rights. Planning to devote a blog on this topic

@minsd: Hard to pick! I’d just as soon would like to solve most everything. . .

@ergeekgoddess: I am passionate to use influence to help fundraise for those who need us+so proud of all of our #Latism peeps who make it happen!

@navaja1cortes: cancer. I have a aunt who survived breast cancer but 1 is currently fighting it. Frat brother is also fighting cancer

@carogonza:  I would love if the US stopped these wars we are in. They were unnecessary & now it’s time to end them.

@AmericaBaez: Education. Helping #latinos get graduate biz education and professional dev opps.

@anarust: destruction of our planet, extinction of the species…

@meningioma: Health comminications-Child obesity, HIV/AIDS, education.

@RDarioBermejo: microfinance, its helping pull millions out of absolute poverty and Fundación Nutrir Barranquilla #causes

@ergeekgoddess: I want to know about how social media has helped you help others. Tell us your experience! #Latism

@monitalan: #Latism helped us make #unidoshaiti a great success

@minsd: making environmental protection inclusive, helping people participate in public processes, engaging public

@CatalinaInLA: Simply, I’m hoping that in sharing my struggles to lose weight on my blog, will inspire someone to try too.

@CatalinaInLA: With my that part of my blog, I don’t expect sponsorship because I don’t want focus on products. The point is to help not sell.

@minsd:  civic engagement guides & information through facebook =)

@ergeekgoddess: What is the most pressing Latino issue we should all be working towards? #latism

@MiGuad98: obesity and asthma

@nueva_voz: Uplifting all of our mujeres, transgender or not, as one.

@RDarioBermejo: EDUCATION

@sneakpeekatme:  Using SM for good, my kinda topic. I use my son’s blog for awareness of medical & social issues facing SN parents

@SevFletcher: I think education is an awesome pressing issue–also empowerment which can be accomplished via education.

@anarust: SM is a great way to share links to many people at the same time w/ relevant information that can do a lot of good

@meningioma: Education & getting our younger hermanas/hermanos to graduate should be a #latism priority. let’s get them at our fiesta one Thursday soon.

@AmericaBaez: #Recruiting ppl & #Latinos at companies trying to diversify workforce

@SevFletcher: I believe some social causes MUST use social media–while others need to focus their efforts in other ways

@sneakpeekatme: SM helped raise a TON of awareness for #raredisease day on 2/28, some really imp. tweeps helped me ALOT. Huge success!

@nueva_voz: SM lets me to teach-ins on everything from trans women’s health and safety to solar powered greenhouses from my rural Maine farm


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Ah, and don’t forget to join us every Thursday night at 9 pm EST during our Latism Twitter party = Loads of fun with a whole lot of WEPA!

In the meantime, please leave YOUR own tips for using social media for Social Good in the comments below!




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