4/14 LATISM Party: Our Financial Future

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April is here again, and we’re thinking in color…  green to be exact!

Yes, a little known fact is that April is National Financial Literacy Month, an area to which Latinos definitely need to pay more attention. Though countless reports speak of our burgeoning spending power [1.3 trillion at last count], truth is we still have one of the highest poverty rates [25.3 percent compared to 25.8 for African Americans] and 1 in 4 Hispanics living below poverty line. [A topic we discussed at length during our Latinos & The Economy Twitter party.]

Although it is always a bad idea to define Latinos as one monolithic group, there are ways in which our culture plays a role in how we handle finances, specifically in the sense of our belief systems, values and practices.

Tonight, we will explore these and bring you some much-needed solutions. Joining us, financial experts Vielka Burey-Jacas [our resident Money Monday expert] and Julie Diaz-Asper from Gigcoin, will be sharing tips and tricks of the trade for taking control of our financial future.

  • What are some of the steps one needs to take to get one’s finances in order?
  • How can one protect oneself from a financial disaster?
  • What are the best financial management tips for freelancers and bloggers?
  • And looking ahead, what are the big financial trends we can start taking advantage of to ensure a healthy financial future?

Join us and by all means, bring your own questions – See you then!


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