Twitter Party Latism and Univison #Estamos Con Los Niños


estamosOur children at the border are part of a humanitarian crisis that should not be ignored.  The struggles these children face after fleeing their countries for safety seem to be never-ending, but the sentiment of our party was strong and supportive!  Everyone shared why this issue was important to them and proved that they are determined to help, as made evident by all of the donations received.  We want to thank those who joined us because without you, these children would be left vulnerable.

With the help of our audience we  hope to continue to raise awareness on this humanitarian crisis.
Donations can still be given by using this link:

You can change the way these children are living by donating to help meet their basic human needs.  Let’s motivate each other to keep advocating for this cause.  We refuse to let our children suffer alone when the rest of the world is watching and rooting for them.

A big warm hug and thank you to our blogueras who always support Latism in our call for action chats!  Check out their blog posts on this issue:




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