Tumblr’s Revenue


According to Forbes, Tumblr made $13 million in revenue for 2012.

They would like to book $100 million in 2013.

For 2012, Tumblr spent $25 million on operating expenses. This year, they expect to spend $40 million.

The company has taken $125 million in funding from its backers.

Tumblr generates about 18 billion page views a month.

If David Karp, CEO, decides to allow advertisers more access, Tumblr can become a more powerful business.

Yet Karp has moved closer and closer to the ad biz all through 2012. Consider:

  • He signed up a traffic analytic company, Union Metrics, to give marketers real performance data.
  • He named 12 agencies to a hot list of companies tapped to work with Tumblr.
  • He poached Groupon sales chief Lee brown to be Tumblr’s ad sales chief.
  • He set a minimum buy-in price of $25,000.
  • He hired Rick Webb of The Barbarian Group to build sales and marketing.
  • And he did all this after spending years insisting he was not interested in advertising, a position he maintained even in early 2012.

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