Trend Micro – Scariest Security Tricks this Halloween


scary-pumpkinsThe Halloween season can be full of tricks.  Here are some tips on how to protect your online privacy:

To help you get ahead of the gremlins, Trend Micro, a global provider of security solutions, discusses four spooky phobias that may plague your trick-or-treat fun, along with tricks to ensure  the digital goblins don’t get the best of you this Halloween.


  • If you are afraid of your digital life being exposed while you are out on the town for Halloween, you may have scopophobia, the fear of being looked at or stared at. To keep your digital identity safe, watch out for spooky sites or apps that might be bad apples.
  • Just as burglars can sneak into your home, they can also sneak into your online accounts, stealing your credentials and information. To fend off your scelerophobia, the fear of burglars or being harmed by wicked people, change your passwords frequently and don’t use the same password for all of your accounts.
  • When you save all of the digital memories from your Halloween adventures, make sure they are saved safely.   Athazagoraphobia, the fear of forgetting or being forgotten, can be assuaged by backing up your computer using an external hard drive or onto the cloud.  Just remember to outsmart the bad guys by setting a secure password.
  • In case you have a little too much fun on this Halloween weekend, beware of what other people post of you online.Pistanthrophobia, the fear of trusting other people, can help caution you to monitor what others post of you, so that your boss doesn’t see your real Halloween costume. You know, the one you didn’t wear to the office.

To give you an extra boost of confidence against these Halloween fears, Trend Micro Security 2015 and Trend Micro Mobile Security can keep all of your devices safe, leaving you free to enjoy all the treats you find this Halloween.

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