TRANSCRIPT: 6/14 LATISM Immigration Twitter Chat

Immigration-Dream Act Chat clip1

Last night on our weekly Twitter party, our community came out in hoardes to discuss what many consider the civil rights movement of our time: Immigration, to the tune of over 14.2 million impressions!

Of course, no conversation about immigration is complete without a thorough discussion of the Dream Act, a theme that resides at the intersection of immigration and education policy –two central topics for Latinos in this country. It seems like the country’s media has begun to pay close attention to an issue that has been burning up our timeline since its very inception –  just check out this week’s Time Magazine cover.

Well, apparently, the media is not the only one paying attention. You can’t imagine our delight upon hearing today’s announcement of President Obama’s decision to stop deportations and to grant work permits to nearly 1 million youths eligible for the Dream Act!

LATISM congratulates our brave Dreamers [some of whom were actually at the chat last night] for their amazing show of strength, passion and resiliency while taking on this issue to the very top! We very enthusiastically welcome this historic step toward justice for our immigrant youth to contribute to their communities, and live to see the day when this temporary solution becomes permanent to include a path to citizenship to our Dreamers, and the approval of a just immigration reform that can provide legal residency and citizenship to so many of those who once came to this country in search of the American Dream. As President Obama said in today’s speech, IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Read The Immigration Debate LATISM Chat Transcript, and join us on Twitter as we celebrate this moment with our DREAMERS – the conversation is still going strong!




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