TORCH: Helping Latino Students


Northfield, Minnesota is home to the Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes initiative, better known among the community as TORCH.

TORCH is a program that focuses on low income student population from Northfield.

The purpose for this program is to improve the graduation rate of Hispanics in the school district.

Since the program started, the graduation rate for Latinos in the area has increased to more than 90 percent.

Beth Berry, High School TORCH Coordinator said: “TORCH is a very individual program which tries to work with each student to attain whatever their goals are.”

Beth explains participants start the TORCH program with individual counseling to develop a plan which is continued with tutoring support.

TORCH helps students in many different ways.

They provide transportation for students who stay after school.

They offer elementary and middle school activities programs for siblings of TORCH participants so older children do not have to hurry home because they are needed for childcare.




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