LATISM asks: Are You LATINO2?

In light of the current Arizona situation, Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] is taking action.

Our voice is the most powerful tool we humans have, and, as a social media organization, we believe social media offers the perfect vehicles to amplify it.

Today, we are asking our LATISM community to stand up in the name of Humanity and Latino Pride.

Whether you are Latino/a, a Latino sympathizer of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation or national origin OR you simply believe in the rights of all HUMANS, join us in solidarity of Latinos in Arizona as we shout out our Latino Pride:


Together, we can bring attention to an issue that affects so many of our hermanos and hermanas.


–       Grab our Twibbon, add it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. To add it, go to – Follow the instructions and voilá!

–   Add our button to your blog by embedding the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>

–       Send us your picture:

Upload your picture or video to us via Facebook or Twitter. Follow the examples above, or just let your creativity flow! All we ask is that you use the phrase “ I am Latino2!”. We’ll keep an image gallery of your pictures in a special page on our Latism blog.

–       Make your mamá proud:

Join our #Latism party tonight at 9 pm EST and tell us the thousands of reasons why you are proud to be Latino2. To join, visit and type in #latism #latino2

–       Spread the word:

Proclaim your solidarity to ALL things Latino by shouting out: I am Latino2!

Tweet it, Facebook it, LinkedIn it… you get the idea… Share our message with all your networks. Help us recruit outstanding Latinos to join our cause!

–       Stand up and speak your mind:

Use the following information to let people in power know your position on this matter:

Let’s make our voices heard – be LATINO2!




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