4/25 on #LATISM: Mental Health and the Latino Community




Many a times on LATISM, as we discuss the issues of the day, other underlying issues come to the fore. Such was the case as we were recently discussing Gun Control/Gun Rights and the conversation veered into the territory of mental health and the consequences of ignoring its warning signs.

How big of a problem is mental health in our community? What are some of the barriers to getting proper treatment for mental health? For starters, talking about the symptoms is considered a taboo, and many people may ignore symptoms or signs of mental disorders in themselves or others for fear of the stigmas and labels that usually accompany these. We also tend to mistake some of the symptoms for nervousness, tiredness, or even a physical ailment, and may see it as something that is temporary. We tend to rely on extended family, traditional healers, and/ or churches for help during a health crisis. In addition, lack of access and culturally-relevant mental health services continues to be a serious problem in the community.

The topic of mental health, as well as many others, will be part of the Health Track during our LATISM 2013 Conference in New York City! If you’re a mental health professional or are simply passionate about the issue, we urge to submit a proposal to the conference – the deadline is May 3rd!

In the meantime, join LATISM tonight as our guests from the Bloggers of Health community (@bloggerofhealth) and Heiddi Z. Lamar (@HeiddiZ), a bilingual licensed mental health counselor, and child & family therapist in NYC, discuss mental health statistics, information and resources. A fascinating topic with two fascinating experts – bring lots of questions regarding this, the conference or what have you – it’s bound to be a great night at LATISM!


TIME: 9-10 pm ET

GUESTS: @BloggerofHealth

HOSTESS: @ergeekgoddess

WHERE: http://www.tweetchat.com/room/latism




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