Tonight’s #LATISM party: Latinos, ‘Tis the Season for Giving Back!

As a culture, we Latinos have a long tradition of giving to causes close to our hearts.

Though culturally we tend to be less accustomed to giving and/or volunteering through “official” nonprofit and philanthropic institutions, the fact is that, across nationalities and classes, we have a tendency to generously support our families, our communities and church [diezmo and -ahem – Western Union, anyone?].

As an ethnic group on the verge of becoming the largest minority in the United States -as well as a political, cultural, and economic force– we Latinos are slowly starting to understand how philanthropic leadership has helped so many groups gain social and political influence.

As Latino leaders in the social media sphere, we know that, beyond the mirage of short-term material gains or power, the future well-being of our community depends on us.

Hopefully, this understanding will help us to increasingly work together to focus our efforts towards nonprofit institutions that will strengthen our community and create new opportunities.

And what better time of the year, the Holiday Season, to  talk about the Joy of Giving Back?

Join us, there’s so much to discuss!

–       Do you think Latinos in the United States have a strong non-profit sector to represent them?

–       What are some trends you have noticed in Latino philanthropy or philanthropy in general?

–       What organizations do you believe are doing a great job at recruiting/retaining social media advocates?

–       What are some tools YOU use to give back to the community?

–       What are some of the causes YOU believe in?

–       What is the organization YOU believe needs the most help and support from Latinos?

–       How are you planning to give back in 2011?






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