To Ensure Bone Health, Start Early


women-bone-healthResearchers are recommending people to start taking care of their bone health earlier in life.  The strength of one’s bones should start in childhood and continue through adolescence, when the body builds most of the bone that must sustain it for the remaining years of life.  Although nothing can be done about the three factors with the greatest influence on bone mass — age, gender and genetics.

How can people work on improving their bone mass?

People can partake in physical activity and the bone-building nutrients, calcium and vitamin D.  “Repetitive stress can tear down bone and is not the best for increasing bone strength,” Dr. Scofield said in an interview.  It is recommended that children ages 4 through 8 should consume 800 milligrams of calcium daily and those 9 through 18, 1,300 milligrams.  For adults taking a vitamin D supplement may be essential after using sunscreen.

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