LATISM 15 Twitter Party – Time to Nominate the Best of the Best

LATISM invites all bloggers, partner organizations, and LATISM directors to be part of this week’s Time to Nominate the Best of the Best Twitter Party September 24th at 9PM EST.

During this year’s 7th Annual Latinos in Technology Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) conference, LATISM will honor trailblazing leaders, true game changers making a significant impact in the communities they serve. It’s time to showcase the contributions of the Latino community to technology, innovation, and economic growth.

We applaud these champions for their unwavering commitment to enhancing the civic, educational, and economic status of the Latino community. These leaders get it! They recognize the abundant opportunities our digital ecosystem has to offer and are paving the way for the next generation to follow.

Learn more this Thursday 9PM ET.




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