Three Sodas A Day Kills Mice, What’s it Doing to You?


A new study that fed mice the sugar equivalent of three sodas per day in humans does not paint a pretty picture. Increased death rates among female mice, lowered birth rates, males who held less territory and mated less all were seen. There was no word on whether they were consuming Pepsi products or if it was Coke.

The study, was conducted at the University of Utah and placed groups of mice in room-sized pens with nest boxes; a setup that allowed the mice to contest more naturally for mates and territories, and thereby showed subtle toxic effects on their performance. After 32 weeks in their sugar fueled mouse resort, 35 percent of the females were dead (compared to 17 percent in a clean living group) and the males bred less and held less territory. Death rates among males were about the same, but it was noted they died faster and more often as they fought for mates and territory.

While it’s no big surprise that eating too much sugar is bad for you, these results were more than a little shocking. Certainly mice and humans are different and just increasing or decreasing sugar intake will affect the health of any living creature. But the implications are something to think about. You have to wonder what would have happened if they fed the mice Mountain Dew, Jolt or 4 Loko.

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