This Is The Facebook Phone

facebook phone

The highly anticipated Facebook phone has everyone on the edge of their chair.  What can we expect from this new phone?

Facebook home has a new skin–a homescreen replacement, kind of like what HTC and Motorola and Samsung do with their phones. They take stock Android (which, to be fair, we generally like the most) and overlay with new icons and features and gestures and various user-interface changes.

Facebook Home is a thorough skin where you can swipe through people and updates, photos and messages all from Facebook.  Notifications will be grouped by people not  app.  Text messages will not be in one place, however there will be an e-mail and an instant message from the same person in one place.  Facebook message will be available as well as Facebook photo.

Facebook also introduced the HTC First, a $99 phone for AT&T, which will come stock with Facebook Home. But you’ll be able to download Home for certain–not sure which ones yet–Android phones, starting on April 12th.

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