The Tiny Grocery Chain that Scares Wal-Mart


A small mid-western grocery chain called WinCo (short for winning company) is treating their employees right, making shoppers happy, and running their business so efficiently that are underpricing retail giant Wal-Mart. Oh yes, and they’re expanding steadily.

Industry analysts say the real secret to the success of the company is that they get rid of the middlemen, buying much of their merchandise directly from manufacturers and farmers. They also pay their employees fairly, provide medical benefits for any employee that works more than 24 hours per week and even offer a retirement program. This, in turn, leads to happy, productive employees, clean, well-run stores and a big headache for Wal-Mart who makes their money on the backs of their abused, underpaid employees.

Another success story is Costco which competes well with places like Sam’s Club (a Wal-Mart subsidiary) and BJs and also treats their employees fairly and in an ethical and positive manner. It kind of makes you wonder why more companies don’t follow the lead of these successful companies and start treating workers like people.

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