The Parade of Talents with Toyota

The Awards Gala at LATISM’11 was a top favorite among so many attendees.  It gave so many bloguer@s and hard working professionals a feeling of achievement! We thank Toyota for giving us such an amazing opportunity.  We received so many feedback about the evening on the post-conference survey and I wish I could mention them all.

“I really liked the element of surprise.  It made the awards ceremony so genuine”

“The awards dinner showed un gran desfile de talentos”


Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners.  Your leadership in the industry became evident that night

Javier Moreno, the Corporate Communications Specialist at Toyota Motors North America opened the evening with a powerful message of inspiration and encouragement.  He made a point in becoming one of us by sharing his own personal story.  After a tragic accident that broke every bone in his body, there he was.  A Latino leader representing one of the largest motor companies in the world.  Certainly a top favorite for Latino families.  He encouraged everyone to keep giving their very best.  As a good salesmen he also gave attendees good reasons to test drive the new Toyota line of Hybrids.  Then he danced!

I’ve been to so many conferences where the sponsor brand sends a rep that is totally disengaged and boring.  By sending Javier I can tell that Toyota gets it.  Not only be cause he can dance like real Latino, but because his personal touch in everything he did that night made us all fall in love with Toyota.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with pride all the top achievers who excelled in their use of social media to reach Latin@s.




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