The Long Shadow of Bad Credit in a Job Search


Ever wonder why you didn’t get the job, could it be a bad interview or not enough job experience?  For some people is none of the above and for Alfred J. Carpenter it was simply a matter a bad credit.  He had great job experience working at Salvatore Ferragamo on Fifth Avenue and later at J. M. Weston, where a pair of men’s dress shoes can cost $2,000.  When he applied for a similar job he was rejected due to a bad credit.  He received a so-called adverse action letter that by law a business conducting a credit report is supposed to send to an applicant.  Mr.  Carpenter was repeatedly turned down for jobs and was forced to apply to food stamps and Federal Housing Assistance.

According to Chi Chi Wu, a staff lawyer at the National Consumer Law Center in Boston,“Someone loses their job,” Ms. Wu said, “so they can’t pay their bills — and now they can’t get a job because they couldn’t pay their bills because they lost a job? It’s this Catch-22 that makes no sense.”

Unfortunately Mr. Carpenter is not the only person experiencing these difficulties, when looking for a job there are many others in the same situation.

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