The Impact Of Baby Boomers On American Society

baby boomers

Great new article about the Baby Boomers and the contributions to American society by Jay Hernandez

The baby boomer generation describes any person who was born between the years 1946 and 1964. Baby boomers are considered to be the largest demographic in the US, and naturally their generation has had a major impact on society in a variety of ways. Some of the ways baby boomers have influenced society include:

1. Social Change

Baby boomers are responsible for early dialogues on subjects like gay and people of color equality along with women’s rights. Unlike their parents, baby boomers grew up in a period of time when conservative attitudes were changing to be more tolerant of people and their differences. Without baby boomers, many of today’s laws that protect gay people, people of color and females may not be in existence.

2. Music

Baby boomers were part of a generation that totally changed the face of music. From the psychedelic San Francisco scene to the folk music scene of New York, baby boomers helped to introduce an entirely different sound of music to mainstream society. This type of music has helped to influence the different types of music heard on the radio today.

3. Economics

Baby boomers are amongst the highest earners in the history of the United States. Boomers have a major impact on the buying habits of Americans and they contribute to about 77% of the wealth accumulated in America. Without baby boomers, many retail businesses would suffer from much lower profits.

4. Social Security

Because baby boomers are so large in numbers, they will have a major impact on social security once they retire. Now and through the upcoming years, most baby boomers will be retiring and this will drain social security and cause future retirees from other generations to consider other ways to finance their retirement.

5. Politics

Many baby boomers are now in politics. From Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, many high ranking political officials are considered to be baby boomers. Naturally, they fight for the interests of their generation, and the political impact of baby boomers has been felt in almost every aspect of politics, in both tangible ways (fighting for certain policies) and less than tangible ways (having certain over-arching attitudes about life in America).

6. Health Care

Because so many baby boomers are growing older and developing age-related health problems, there is more of a demand for health care workers – of every type. Thanks to baby boomers, regardless of the economic turmoil in the United States, there is a high demand for trained professionals in every area of health care.

The baby boomer generation is perhaps the largest generation of people ever to exist in the United States. Baby boomers grew up during times of great change -both in politics and popular culture, and their impact on society is something that is still felt even 40 years after people of this generation were in their youth. From political influence to economics and music, the baby boomer generation has had a tremendous influence on society of today.

Jay Hernandez is a history teacher who writes about history and education. His recent work lists the Top 10 Best Online Colleges for an Education Degree.

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