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The right to bear arms is an important amendment to the United States Constitution, but it is also one of the most controversial amendments.  The right to bear arms has been recently causing quite the debate after recent shootings in the United States.  Innocent people have lost their lives due to gun violence. What could possibly cause someone to perform a mass shooting at a college or an elementary school?  The person/persons involved in these shooting can’t possibly be emotionally stable.

Ralph Demicco, a gun store owner in New Hampshire has been affected by the suicides tied to selling arms at his gun shop.  Demicco has joined forces with health professionals and gun dealers to help gun stores and firing ranges learn ways to avoid selling or renting a fire arm to suicidal individuals.  The name of these new campaign is The Gun Shop Project.  This gun business encourages communications among businesses and suicide prevention materials with customers.

Statistics on Firearm suicides are extremely important to take into account.  Firearm suicides account for more deaths than all other suicide methods combined and 65 percent of all gun deaths in the U.S., according to figures from 2011 provided by, an international group working to reduce gun injuries.

The Gun shop project is such a great campaign not only because it sheds light on the dangers of bearing a fire arm and the threat it could present to suicidal customers.  It is indeed a great campaign because firearm related deaths are rising more and more and are simply tragic.  If people take this issue serious and find solutions for individuals that need mental assistance, perhaps there would be less murders and less angry people in our society.

It is very important to research who is buying firearms and previous history, so that they do not pose  a threat to themselves or other innocent people.

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