The Crazy Side of the Immigration Reform Debate


While the Senate and the House waste time and money coming up with immigration reform legislation that seems less and less likely to either pass or help the existing problems, the right wing talking heads are busy spreading fear and misinformation to make things more interesting. Pat Buchanan, everybody’s favorite right-wing nut job was recently talking about the issue on a radio show and the interview sounded like something out of Fear Factor.

At once point, Buchanan suggested that if the immigration reform package passes in its current form, it could cause problems because it doesn’t look to help the new citizens assimilate into American culture. “You put 100 million Hispanic folks in the United States and, say, 70 million on the southwest border. That becomes as much as part of Mexico as it is the United States,” Buchanan said. “If they have a different language, different culture, a different faith — basically you get two peoples. And two peoples eventually become two countries. This is what I see as the future of America — the Balkanization and the disintegration of a country which became one nation back around 1960 when all the immigrants who came from Eastern and Southern Europe, 1890-1920, had been assimilated and American-ized. We all had gone through the Depression together, heard radio together, went through World War II together and American television — that brought us all together. And now we’re coming apart,” he explained.

So it’s bad enough that we have idiots in Congress lying to the public, currying favor with hyper-right wing politicians and defense contractors and coming up with crazy ideas like doubling the number of border guards. Now we have crazies on the radio basically suggesting that we’ll be annexed by Mexico or lose whole sections of the country. That didn’t happen when millions of Irish, Russian, Italian, Jewish, and Polish immigrants came over from the 1800s through the early 1900s. It made America the richly multi-cultural nation that it is today; the envy of many other nations.

The fact is that Latino culture is part of American culture and part of what makes the country great. As time passes it will only improve things for all citizens. Except maybe Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other wing-nuts. For them, well, maybe they just need to adjust their meds a bit more.

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