The Country’s Cultural Capital Has a Big Arts-Education Problem


When we think about education the subjects Reading,Writing, Math, Science and Social studies come to mind.  Are we missing an important subject in learning, is Art not important when it comes to learning in schools?

State of the Arts report, finding a big difference between the level of arts education in wealthier and lower-income schools. After further research it was found they found that access to arts education reflects income-inequality trends in the city.  

State law that each middle school and high have a certified art teacher, the report showed that this is not the case for over 400 schools.

The focus of schools have been more on standardized testing.  To simply base intelligence on test scores is already a controversial topic, but we can’t  overlook art in schools.  Students need to be able to develop their talents in many areas and if Art is ignored artistic talents will go to waste.

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