The Conference That’s Trying to Crack Tech’s Race Problem

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DVtNyAZ - ImgurThe digital divide is a true reality for people of color or Hispanic backgrounds in the technology industry.  The statistics are very low for people of color in the tech job force.  The gender inequality is also a prevalent issue.  For example, in companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google there are 30 percent of employees at these companies are women.  Another important overlooked fact is that at Facebook,Google, and Twitter, just two percent of employees are black.

Employers argue that there are very few applicants of color applying for positions.  How can companies connect with these applicants?

Kathryn Finney founder and CEO of DigitalUndivided, an organization focused on fostering inclusion in tech, and on Friday, DigitalUndivided kicked off its third annual Focus 100 conference.  One of the purposes of the first Focus 100 conference, is to create connections between employers and investors.  This conference can also be the first step to find talented women of color in tech, but also to give these women a place to find each other.

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