Tech Tuesday: Google Recipes Cooks Up Something Tasty

Guest post by Tony Vargas (@tonytorero)

Whether you’re hungry for Paella Valenciana, Cocido Madrileño or Cochinillo Asado, there’s a good chance that Google Recipe View, which just launched this week, has what you’re looking for! It’s been nothing short of cathartic for me to peruse their database for different recipes from my youth, adulthood, time living abroad and travel experiences and find that pretty much every recipe I could dream up is accounted for! Wow! Isn’t there just something about food that unites us?!

And there’s no need to stop there either. If you want to learn how to do something more exotic like make your own wine, cheese or even granola, they’ll promptly serve you detailed instructions, step by step video, user ratings… you name it! For years, I have kept analog versions of important personal recipes in a sort of hipster presentation complete with preparation dates, notes and tips on how certain variations of my personal favorite recipes have turned out. I recall scouring the internet for a site that had just what I needed to get a taste of something special that I couldn’t readily find where I was living or visiting at the time. However, this one stop shop of a knowledge base presents some exciting possibilities for the gastronomically inclined & euphoric!

To put this Internet based tool to the test, simply visit Google Recipe View site and type in the name or a recipe, ingredient(s) or even holiday you would like to search for related recipes on. You will be presented instantly with recipe ideas to consider. In typical Google Fashion, you can also drill down further in the left-hand column to filter your recipe results by such additional factors of interest like: ingredients, preparation time, calories. You can expect Google to develop this idea further and it would seem there may be real value in this concept.

If I were to gripe about anything in Google Recipe View, it would be that they seem to lean heavily on the recipe databases of some larger recipe sites. This diminishes somewhat from what this offering may ultimately become, at least in the short term. However, it will be interesting to see how it develops over time. As web developers practice better SEO friendly context formatting and Google hones their cataloging methods for recipes, this may improve over time. Enough said on that for now.

By now you should be hungry. I’ll let you get back to planning your next meal! Feel free to trace your own culinary roots on Google Recipe View and see if you find every meal you’ve enjoyed with family & friends during the special occasions that adorn your life’s journey. Happy eating… Bon Appetit… Que aproveche… Enjoy!


Tony Vargas (@tonytorero) is a technology evangelist who has lived and worked in the US and Europe. An accomplished developer and project manager in Telecommunications, Web & Software Development, eCommerce/Banking, Knowledge Management, eMarketing and Social Media, Tony has a unique, award-winning track record of finding creative, profitable solutions to challenges for every partner he collaborates with. You can connect with Tony on TonyTorero.comLinkedInTwitter.



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    Johnny Rivera 9 years ago

    Another toy! Thanks, Tony!

    tonytorero 9 years ago

    My pleasure, hermano! Thank you for the comment and for reading! ¡Que aproveche! 😀

    Raul Colon 9 years ago

    Nitido Tony! Que alegria ver este post debo de usarlo para buscar mas recetas vegetarianas las cuales son difíciles de encontrar a veces.

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