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How can you use technology to live a healthier life?  You would be surprised at the different apps and gadgets that you can use to become a healthier person.    A parent of three young girls under the age of six is determined to track his caloric intake and how many calories he burns off throughout the day.

What form of technology does he use to attain his goal?

He uses his iPhone 4s to track his calories and then he uses the app called MyFitnessPal based on online reviews.  For on-body monitoring  he used a monitoring device called BodyMedia LINKarmband as seen on The Biggest Loser.

MyFitnessPal is recommended because it allows a person to take a daily inventory of food intake and it allows a person to scan barcodes  of store bought food or search for published menu items from restaurant chains. These apps conveniently work together, the MyFitnessPal App sends it’s activity over to the BodyMedia App.

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