Tech firms call for mandatory computer classes


8722348014_05473df29bComputer Science classes have not been mandated for state schools, but the state of  Massachusetts has a different idea.  Executives from Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., and other leading firms want to require all Massachusetts public schools to teach computer science. Why is Massachusetts taking this action now?  so local tech companies don’t have to rely on foreign workers to fill future programming and engineering jobs.

The plan would compel the teaching of computer science classes as early as the eighth grade, add computing questions to the state’s standardized tests, and create a statewide curriculum for technology instruction throughout high school. Massachusetts would be the second state to mandate the classes, after South Carolina.  Requiring students to take computer science classes will help them with future job placements in the field.

Is this new change to the school curriculum feasible for schools?

he proposal would require millions of dollars in new spending to implement, as well as the retraining of hundreds of teachers and likely the hiring of new ones. It would also add another layer of teaching requirements and testing to schools.

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