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cover_girl_taliaTalia Castellano was a young thirteen old, full of life who fought with Cancer for six years.  Her make-up tutorials inspired young girls and taught them that even at your worst time a smile and a good attitude could make all of the difference.  That seems to the be the underlying message for families that are struggling with cancer.

Cindy Whitaker works with BASE Camp, a group that helps children with cancer.  She spent years watching Talia make other girls with cancer feel better.  Whitaker says, “She showed them that you don’t need hair.  You can look beautiful and rock it and still look beautiful.” During an age where body image is so important to girls, Talia’s journey is an example of inner beauty overpowering anything else.

BASE Camp’s new headquarters will keep Talia’s legacy alive in Talia’s room.  It’s a place full of make-up and jewelry, where young patients can feel beautiful.  Cancer is particularly difficult for children and their families’ but this diagnosis should not mean living in despair and sadness.  For some people it simply begins a journey of gratitude and celebrating the small steps in overcoming this diseases.

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