Study: Too Much Coffee Can Kill You


OK, once again a new study has come out that says nasty things about coffee. The findings were published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings,and found men younger than 55 who drank more than four cups a day were 56% more likely to have died from any cause and women doubled their risk of dying. The study looked at 43,727 men and women ages 20-87 from 1971 to 2002. So does this mean you should immediately switch to ice water and start praying? Nope.

Another study found that older men who drank three cups a day cut their prostate cancer risk quite a bit. The study also didn’t note higher death rates in people 55 and older so maybe the lesson is to drink three or fewer cups, especially as a younger person, then maybe add a cup or two as your age. Logically speaking, you ought not to need so much coffee when your’re younger anyway, what with all that excess energy you should be chock full of.

Of course, this study will likely bring out all the tea drinkers and will probably trigger another study (funded by the coffee industry or maybe Starbucks) that shows coffee lengthens life and makes you skinnier and sexier too. As they say, if you cook the books just right, statistics can be made to say pretty much anything (just like politicians). Getting back to reality, this study does indicate pretty clearly that drinking too much coffee is probably not good for you over a long period of time. But then, moderation in all things has always been very good advice.

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