Study finds Taller Women Get Cancer More Often


A new study that looked at 20,900 women between the ages of 50 and 79 found there was a direct correlation between height and cancer rates. The researchers divided the women into five height groups starting with those under 5′ 1″ and they found that for every 10 centimeters in additional height, cancer rates increased 13-17 percent.

The data showed that rates for cancers like melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian, and colon all increased as height increased. However, rates for cancers like kidney, rectum, thyroid and blood were up even higher, at 23-29 percent. On the other side though, researchers were quick to point out that not all taller women inevitably get cancer, their rates are just higher than their shorter counterparts.

The obvious question is why. The answer is that the experts think cancer is related to growth, environmental exposure, diet, genetics, and so on. How height affects things could be as simple as taller people have more cells in their bodies since they’re bigger. Thus, more cells mean more chances for cancer to develop. Cancer, at its most basic, is nothing but the uncontrolled growth of cells to a point that the tumor crowds out or kills healthy tissue.

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