Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Jails


discipline(1)Sending your child off to boarding school may seem like a quick fix to behavioral problems, but it can be more detrimental than helpful in the long run.  During the past 15 years, a network of Utah-based “tough love” boarding schools for troubled youths has closed nearly two dozen programs amid claims of child abuse, which the schools have denied.  Parents should fully research these distant schools where they send their children.  After all education is a huge investment in your child’s future and making sure they are safe is your responsibility.

Interviews and e-mail exchanges with more than 30 former students, parents, current and former staff members, and owners of the schools reveal a rigid system of discipline at the facilities, which are typically locked compounds, often in remote areas.  Everyday activities like speaking, using the bathroom, walking freely between rooms, taking showers and talking to parents are limited by the staff.  One of the more alarming cases  was with Mr. Chomakhidze, now 18, said that instead of getting help he was roughed up and taunted by staff members, who held him down and cut off his long hair when he arrived. Later, after he slit his wrists, he said he was disciplined but received no mental health counseling.

The problem with discipline is that too much of it can make the child upset and they won’t open up.  Children need trust,understanding and love to be able to open up and work through their problems.

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