Students Ready To Fight Bill That Would Create Higher-Fee Classes


Students are taking action in the education sector and they are the most appropriate group to fight for their rights.

During the summer time, the cost of college courses the costs are typically raised and this creates a problem for students.  Students and faculty in California are fighting against higher cost for high demand courses during the summer and winter sessions.

The current bill’s author, Assemblyman Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), said he revived the idea because colleges are still suffering from severe state funding cuts that have prevented the schools from increasing course offerings and led many of them to drop summer and winter sessions.

 One of the remedies to this problem with increasing costs for summer classes is to charge higher fees for individuals that can pay.  Under Williams’ legislation, fees would approximate those for nonresidents at about $200 per unit. The legislation is supported by several college districts and some employee unions and nonprofits.
It is important to understand that if students can’t take classes during the summer or during intercessions they will have to spend more time in college than they need to.  These students have existing debt and taking more classes during the summer could mean finishing their degrees on time. 
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