Students Go Glocal, Make Change


The new generation should get involved in preserving the environment, and they have.   It is important that we raise the new generation to change the way we take care of our environment.

Leigh Orleans a senior at Potomac High School has taken part in eco friendly project at her school along with 6 other peers and her AP Environmental school teacher.  They will be travelling to Costa Rica for 10 days to meet with students from around the world at EF Education First’s Global Student Leaders Summit.  The goal of this trip is for these students to learn about the environmental crisis and what this country has done to minimize their ecological footprints.

The Global Student Leaders Summit is a forum through in which hundreds of students like myself can share their ideas on how to make the switch to a greener society.   The students were asked to start their own individual “Glocal Challenge” projects.  “Our Glocal Challenge group comprised of a group of West Potomac Seniors chose to focus on how to stop pollution from entering the Potomac River’, says Leigh Orleans.

What did these students find?

They found that phosphorous and nitrogen were the two most common pollutants in the river.  Their studies on water pollution and agriculture in Environmental Science helped them realize this was a result of fertilizer runoff.  These students found a possible solution as well to this problem. They had  a smaller buffer and  researched native plants to the area that would thrive with a lot of sunlight, would be flood tolerant, and absorb high amounts of the chemicals polluting the river.

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