Students don’t need a ‘voice.’ Here’s what they really need

student voce

student voceEducators and administrators across the country have detected a huge bug in the education system.  It is an understatement to use the word bug to describe the education systems failures, It can more or less be described as a parasite. The need for reform in the education system is essential.

Sam Levin was a student when, in 2011, he founded the Independent Project .  This project consisted of administrations about allowing students to create a learning environment in which teachers serve as mentors and coaches while students post questions and design ways to answer them in unorthodox ways. 

The outcome of this project was absolutely phenomenal because it encouraged to ask questions and do research to find the answers.  This project gave students that were failing out of school a direction and those who wanted to excel wings.  Not only did students do research through books, internet they also learned things and taught each other.  With this education model students were able to learn and have fun at the same time and it worked!

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