Startup Idol: A people-finding app for the college set

Group of smiling friends standing against white background

Group of smiling friends standing against white backgroundTechnology brings more people together specially people that have alike interests.  In the college setting it can be difficult for students to find others with their common interests.

Available for iOS, the app was meant for the college set.  This app notifies people of nearby users, called “matches” based on location and shared interests.  People within three feet or 20 feet from each other can find that they have rare things in common.  These two guys have not found much competition as no one else has reached this range of accuracy for this app.  The guys state  “Who cares if someone is a couple miles from you or a couple blocks from you? You’re not going to walk a long distance to go meet a stranger. But if you’re sitting in a class or at a restaurant, and there’s someone right next to you with a number of rare interests in common, the chances of you actually connecting with that person increases.”

Finding close matches makes people feel like they aren’t alone in their interests and this can bring people closer together.

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