Some States Dropping GED as Test Price Spikes


GED test prices are increasing, could this mean that some states are dropping these tests for good?

States are looking for alternatives to the GED high school equivalency test because they are concern a new version of the test is coming out next year.  This new version is expected to be more costly and it will not be offered in pencil and paper format.

Last month, New York, Montana and New Hampshire announced they were switching to a new high school equivalency exam, and California officials began looking into amending regulations to drop the requirement that the state only use the GED test.  The cost of the test is expected to double from $120.

How is anyone helping students pay for these tests?

Kirk Proctor, of the Missouri career Center has stated that students need help paying for the test and says “”A lot of them are just barely making it,” he said. “Transportation is a challenge. Eating is a challenge. For them, coming up with $140 for an assessment, it’s basically telling them, ‘Forget about ever getting this part of your life complete.”

The new challenge with this new GED is learning how to type, use the computer and get the GED done.  If people are expected to use the computer to complete their GED, shouldn’t they have some training?  Requiring people to use the computer to do their GEDs might not be a bad idea.  However, people in GED programs should be trained with computer skills before they are given the actual test.

What are the benefits of taking this new test?

The computerized version, which students are passing at higher rates than the paper version in pilot sites, will be cheaper to administer because states will no longer have to pick up the tab for things like grading the exam. For test-takers who fail a section, the computerized version provides details about what skills they need to work on before retaking the exam said Randy Trask, president and CEO of GED Testing Service.

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