Social Media Comes to Health Care


How could the social media help the health care industry?  The social media is incredibly powerful at transmitting information to its users and the whole web.  Recently a care of social platforms aims to disrupt the way consumers share information about personal health, physicians, and treatments.

There is a possibility of a patient to patient network  and the two bothers, Ben and Jamie Heywood started a great company PatientsLikeMe.  This company allows patients to share personal stories, medical histories, and responses to online questionnaires   This site has currently 200,000 users and covers 1,800 diseases.

The company makes money selling its users’ data to drugmakers, such as Merck (MRKFortune 500)and Novartis (NVS), and other research institutions, like universities.  PatientsLikeMe is a company that tells its users exactly what they are going to do with patient information.  The purpose of  sharing this information says the company ” is for the greater good: The data can be used to make better, more targeted drugs and more efficient devices.”

Another company called Practice Fusion allows MDs to easily transfer medical records to one another.   Nearly 150,000 medical professionals are on Practice Fusion, and the service touches nearly 60 million patients.

These two companies have used technology and are contributing to medicine.

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