Smartphone power struggles: Will we ever have battery-free mobiles?


How awesome would it be to have battery- free mobile phones, no one would have to worry about having to charge their phones.

Scientists are working on a new technology to create power cells that rarely need charging, or even phones that do not require batteries.  Power supply is the real issue with mobile battery life and people are coping more.

Malik Saadi says “We need a revolutionary or new type of battery, for example fuel cells, but unfortunately those technologies have not been able to make it to the marketplace because they are expensive, and they’re also too big to fit into the phone.”

What are new power technologies to keep phones powered?

French firm Wysips unveiled the World’s first viable solar touch screen.  This screen will be 0.5 millimeters and it could be directly plugged into the phone’s inlet to provide four minutes of battery life for every 10 minutes that it is exposed to direct sunlight.

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