Siri Origin


Siri was originally a project that turn out from a $150 million research project sponsored by the Defense Department called CALO, the Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes.

Siri was intended to run on a personal computer as a “do engine.”

Instead of searching for data, it would connect with a number of online services to accomplish tasks, from making restaurant reservations to checking movie times.

This technology could lead to a profitable company, with the aim to turn technology into a standalone app for iPhone and Android.

It successfully did so in early 2010 and even injected the app with some personality.

Before Apple approached Siri, Verizon tried to reach an agreement with the company that would make Siri a default app on all Verizon Android phones.

Apple came in after the fact, insisting on exclusive rights, at which point Siri axed the Verizon deal and went with Apple instead.

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