Self-Driving Cars for Testing Are Supported by U.S.


Is it possible that there are cars that park, steer and even drive themselves?  Could this new technology saves lives on the road, or is this pure advertisement?

The Transportation Department made a formal policy about these  autonomous vehicles.  It stated that some of the features of these cars include cars that keep themselves centered in lanes and adjust their speed based on the location of the car ahead.

What are the problems with these cars being on the road?

They face  daunting legal, regulatory and cultural hurdles before the cars are widely available to drivers.  The problems with technological innovation have come up to the surface and

Highway safety agency was careful to address the tension between technology and regulation.  The Highway Safety agency said “Any potential regulatory action must appropriately balance the need to ensure motor vehicle safety with the flexibility to innovate.”  The pros of these cars is they are free of human error like disobeying traffic laws and falling asleep at the wheel, according to analysts, car companies and the transportation department. They could also offer mobility to people who cannot drive, like the disabled or the aging.

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