Sears and Kmart made LATISM11 smell like Navidad

You come to a conference on the first night full of anxiety, fears, expectations and butterflies in the stomach.  The first impression was key to the success for LATISM’11.  This was thanks to the amazing welcome reception launched by Sears Holdings.  It was so elegantly put together.  I was hoping that attendees payed attention to all the little details.  The calming music after a long trip, the fabulous food, the Noche Buena decorations, the models, the table arrangements and so many other detallitos that made it perfect for the Bienvenida.

I was so glad to see on the post-conference survey that so many attendees really appreciated the warm welcome on Wednesday evening in windy Chicago with their Noche Buena party that rocked the house.

“The Sears-Kmart welcome reception was the best – it felt like real navidad”

“My favorite was the first night.  It was cold outside and faraway.  When I got there? I felt the spirit of LATISM all over.  It was warm, all the hugs, Noche Buena! Just perfect”

Many loved the fact that the models were real.  Some curvy Latinas rocked the house.  Others loved the dancing, the food, the feeling of Noche Buena.  It even smelled like navidad!

The other hit was the Cafecito breaks! Even my demanding Italian husband gave 5 stars to the cafe cargado served by Sears and Kmart.  It was interesting to see all the feedback about this part.

“Esa musiquita navidena me ponia en buen humor cada vez que pasaba”

“I made my shopping list while waiting for my coffee on line.  Loved the vast selection of toys”

And the makeover booth was such a fun place to explore new accessories, take great pictures and just relax!

“The Sears – Kmart Makeover Booth made me feel like a real Diva!”

“The makeover booth with Sears was fun.  I tried everything they had there”

Thank you Sears – Kmart for bringing Navidad to LATISM’11 and for highlighting the best of our culture with the cafecito breaks, the villancicos, the decorations, the makeover and so much more!  you Rock!



    Barnwell Sharon 8 years ago

    This place was great fun! The food was great and the music they played was terrific. I would gladly go there again if I could.

    Claudette John 8 years ago

    I never would’ve have guessed that Sears would host something like this. It was just so fun and great to be in. 

    Angela Plourde 8 years ago

    I had so much fun in the make-up booth, it was great to try out everything that they offered.

    Susie Hendricks 8 years ago

    Sears always know what to play while shopping for clothes, I’m not surprised that they had great music there.

    Robert Green 8 years ago

    The drinks there were awesome. I did not expect them to have a bar there. Awesome night!

    Sally Regner 8 years ago

    The models were beautiful, the people were nice, and the music was great. Add up all of these together and you get one hell of a night! It as a great place to be, I would gladly go again if I get a chance.

    Annette Mccorimick 8 years ago

    I really loved the make-up booth, the people there were polite and they had so many accessories to choose from. 

    William Rainwater 8 years ago

    I loved what they did to the place. The decorations and the lights were just perfect to me. And the dancing and music, I just wish I can go back in time and enjoy the great night it was again. 

    Erick Child 8 years ago

    I had a an amazing time while I was there. Everything was just awesome and I could tell that they put a lot of thought the place so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. 

    AnaRC 8 years ago

    I’m glad you liked it Erick. Thank you for your feedback.  Also for wanting to volunteer on the post-conference feedback.  We’ll talk about it later

    AnaRC 8 years ago

    Great Angela, we have a pretty cool picture of you at the booth. Send me your email and I’ll send it over.

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