Scientists Ponder ‘Epoch’ of Damage to Global Water System


With recent outbreaks of cancer people are more aware of the environment and what toxins could potentially be harmful to our health.  While industrial production accounts for the majority of our air pollution one can’t ignore the pollution in our Global Water System.

Scientists say a new geologic epoch has begun whereby humans are causing major damage to global water systems.  The Global Water System has dedicated ten years to coordinating and supporting research done to study the complex water systems between natural and human components.

“Humans are impacting the global water systems by building dams, through land use changes, and it influences the global water cycle, says Anik Bhaduri, executive officer of the Global Water Systems Project based in Bonn.  People are altering the environment in ways that can turn out to be irreversible.  Project co-chair Charles Vorosmarty said every year a half trillion dollars worth of “concrete, pipes, pumps and chemicals are thrown at our water problems.” Keeping our water clean is important, but can new technologies pollute the environment more?

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Picture by Tatan Syuflana / AP




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