Scientists Identify Gene That Spurs Early Puberty


3406818277_697a511f21Do you often wonder what causes certain children to go through puberty faster than others?  It can actually be a combination of Nutrition, environment and genetics.  Some genetic studies  have shown that more than 27% of early puberty cases are hereditary.

Results from a recent research study have revealed that the gene MKRN3, which is passed along by the father, is the culprit. The researchers found that four mutations of the MKRN3 gene cause early activation of reproductive hormones and encourage puberty.
Children that develop earlier than their classmates may feel like they are not normal and this can create psychological distress.  A study published in n the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that girls who start menstruating before age 12 have a 23% greater risk of developing heart disease and a 28% higher risk of dying from a heart attack or a stroke.

It is safe to conclude that higher levels of obesity are partially to blame since hormones that regulate sexual development are concentrated in body fat.

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