Scientists discover new DNA regions associated with three cancers

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More and more cancers are affecting people today.  Researchers are working on a gene hunting project to identify new genetic markers linked with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. These diseases strike half a million Americans each year.  A massive gene-hunting effort is going on with hundreds of scientists and they have found 74 newly discovered regions that are associated to breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

What does these findings mean?

These findings could lead to more effective ways of screening and treating these diseases.

How do researchers conduct these studies?

Researchers examine the DNA of large groups with and without certain diseases and they see if any genetic variations can be linked to particular conditions.

Each researcher has a different task.   One hopes to pinpoint people that have a higher risk for developing health problems.  Another has to identify which individual genes cause the disease and use that information to find better treatments.

Scientists discovered 41 new regions linked with overall risk of breast cancer, three associated with overall risk for ovarian cancer and 23 with overall prostate cancer.

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