Schools Are Using Video Games For Education


In North Carolina, teachers are encouraging students to play games like “Minecraft” “World of Warcraft” and “Angry Birds.”

Trish Cloud, a technology instructor at Huntersville’s Torrence Creek Elementary said, “Video games are not the great evil that people make them out to be.”

Trish created a popular “Minecraft” club at school.

Trish is part of a community of educators who love gaming and want to share that passion to help students learn.

Lucas Gillispie, a former biology teacher in coastal Pender County, is a leader in this national movement.

He helped to create a language arts curriculum tied to “World of Warcraft,” and he launched a grant program for local teachers to incorporate “Minecraft” into their classes.

Lucas said, “Just pay attention and be willing to set aside those tired stereotypes. We’ve come a long way since Pac-Man.”




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